Biogas Blower Systems

Action Blower & Equipment Biogas Blower Systems employ similar technology as our natural gas boost systems. Whether a complete turnkey system is needed or a simple gas tight blower package, we can design and build the best solution.

For higher pressure systems (over 30 PSI), we typically use a rotary vane compressor. The rotary vane compressor is able to handle the moisture and contamination normally associated with these types of gases. These systems often include scrubbers, self-contained lubrication and cooling systems with full controls.

For medium pressures (over 12" water column and less than 30 PSI), we use the same tried and true gas tight positive displacement blowers that are used in our natural gas boost systems.

For low pressure (less than 12" water column), we offer a special version of our GT1400 constructed of electroless nickel plated aluminum and stainless steel construction.

Contact us for assistance in determining the proper size and configuration of system that will best meet your needs. We have many years of experience in designing systems for many different types of applications.

To better assist us in determining the best gas boost system for your application, please refer to the Gas Booster Questionnaire in our Literature section.

Duplex and lead-lag systems are available as well as systems with remotely located control panels and many other options.

Biogas blower system

Biogas version of the Greenbooster Package A with Electroless Nickel
Plated GT1400 and all stainless system construction.

Biogas blower system

Biogas blower packages of stainless steel construction used to move dairy farm digester gas.

Biogas blower system

Rotary vane compressor system boosting digester gas 45 PSI to be used as fuel at an ethanol production facility.