Natural Gas Boost Systems

Action Blower & Equipment Natural Gas Boost Systems provide a complete turnkey solution for applications in which the available gas pressure is not adequate to meet the required demand.

Our greenbooster technology utilizes a gas tight blower driven by an inverter duty electric motor along with a pressure indicator to sense the gas pressure being delivered. Based on the sensed pressure, a variable frequency drive adjusts the speed of the motor to deliver the required amount of gas. This ensures a steady and consistent pressure is delivered while utilizing the minimum amount of energy.

Our gas boosters may be configured with several different types of blowers. The two most common are:

  • The GT1400 – single stage centrifugal, low pressure (up to 12.6” WC boost), UL listed
  • Positive displacement – (model PDGB) medium/high pressure

The principle of operation is the same for either type of blower system.

We also offer a variety of other hermetically sealed blower options, regenerative blowers, and multistage centrifugal blowers.

Contact us for assistance in determining the proper size and configuration of system that will best meet your needs. We have many years of experience in designing systems for many different types of applications.

To better assist us in determining the best gas boost system for your application, please refer to the Gas Booster Questionnaire in our Literature section.

Duplex and lead-lag systems are available as well as systems with remotely located control panels and many other options.


The GT1400 is the smarter solution to your low pressure gas boost applications. The GT1400 boasts the following features:

  • Non-sparking aluminum construction
  • Hermetically sealed entirely with static seals. No dynamic seals that will wear.
  • Motor is magnetically coupled to blower with a gas tight barrier in between.
  • Because motor is not in contact with gas, there is no need for an explosion proof motor.
  • Motor does not depend on gas flow for cooling, therefore eliminating the need for a heat exchanger.
  • Virtually maintenance free - no lubrication required.
  • Motor is easily accessible for wiring and inspection.
  • UL listed gas booster
Natural Gas Boost Systems

Greenbooster providing boosted natural gas to 4 boilers at a convention center

Natural Gas Boost Systems

Greenbooster Package A – a turnkey gas boost system utilizing the GT1400 UL listed gas booster.

Natural Gas Boost Systems

Positive displacement gas booster used to boost natural gas pressure to a manufacturing plant.