Natural Gas Boost Systems

Natural Gas Boost Systems

Action Blower & Equipment Gas Boost Systems provide a complete turnkey solution for applications in which the available natural gas pressure is not adequate to meet the required demand.

For pressure boosts less than 12" water column, our UL listed GT1400 packaged into one of our greenbooster systems provides a perfect solution for nearly every application.

For larger pressure boost requirements, our positive displacement gas boost systems can be sized for a wide range of flows for applications from a few inches water column up to 30 PSI.


Biogas Blower Systems

Biogas blower system

Action Blower & Equipment Biogas Blower Systems are available in a variety of configurations. Each system is custom designed to provide the most effective and efficient solution for the specific application.

Whether you need to boost the pressure of a biogas by just a few inches water column or up to 150 PSI, we have the solution. For ultra-low pressure boosts, our biogas version of our GT1400 constructed of nickel plated aluminum and stainless steel parts is a great performer.

Our positive displacement gas boost systems for medium pressure applications and our rotary vane compressor systems for high pressure applications ensure we can always provide the best solution.


Air Blower Systems

Air blower system

Action Blower & Equipment Air Blower Systems are built to order to provide the best fit for each application. Typical applications include wastewater treatment and tank aeration, material handling/pneumatic transfer of powders and solids, and parts blow-off and drying.

If you have a well defined specification for a blower package, we can offer a very competitive price to build that package. Or if you need help in defining your specification or clarifying your requirements, we have years of experience in helping you with that task and designing and building the blower package that will deliver the best results.


Motors & Control Panels

Control panels

In addition to complete blower systems, we also provide stand-alone blowers, fans, compressors, and supply all of the components needed to build or repair your blower system. Some of these items include:

  • Blowers, compressors, fans, and pumps
  • Motors and drive systems
  • Valves and instrumentation
  • Control panels
  • Filter housings and elements
  • Lubrication