Since 2004, Action Blower & Equipment has been designing and building blower packages for a variety of applications including gas and vapor recovery, wastewater treatment and tank aeration, material handling/pneumatic transport of powders and solids, air and gas boosting and circulation, parts blow-off and drying, and air assisted parts pick-up/hold-down.


Complete Design/Build Solutions


Whether you are in need of equipment with complete and thorough specifications or if you are not quite sure what you need, our applications experts will assist you to ensure you that we provide you with the solution that best fits your application.


Action Blower & Equipment works with many different manufacturers of blowers, compressors, etc. so we are not locked into trying to fit one particular technology into every application.  With several years of experience designing and building for custom applications, we are able to apply the most suitable technology to each job.

Every blower package or system is sized and designed with the end user in mind.  We use 3D solid modeling and CAD/CAM technology to ensure that our customers' requirements are met with each design.

Company Profile


Action Blower & Equipment began as a distributor of blowers and blower accessories and as a packager of blower systems primarily for wastewater treatment and environmental remediation applications.  Although still a packager of air blower systems, Action Blower has emerged as one of the leaders in the development of gas boost systems for natural gas and biogas.  We offer a wide range of gas boosting technologies that cover a range of flow and pressure requirements.

We have developed a standard line of gas boost systems as well as our own GT1400 gas booster, a UL listed hermetic gas booster utilizing magnetically coupled technology for the safest, most effective solution to low pressure gas boosting applications.

Over the years, we have developed the capabilities to provide complete solutions including integrated controls and instrumentation into each system.

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