Diesel engine blower package for trailer mounted media dispersal system.

Soil vapor extraction blower package including moisture separator with high level shutdown switch, inline filter, bleed valve, vacuum relief valve, vacuum gauge, and control panel.

Aerobic digester blower for wastewater treatment plant.  Blower package includes ventilated sound enclosure.

Air Blower Systems

Action Blower & Equipment has been designing and building air blower systems for nearly two decades.  Some of the more common applications include:

  • Wastewater treatment and tank aeration

  • Material handling/pneumatic transport of powders/solids

  • Parts blow-off and drying

  • Air assisted parts pick-up/hold down

  • Environmental remediation - soil vapor extraction and air sparge

Our most common blower packages include:

  • PD blower

  • Motor

  • V-belt drive with OSHA guard

  • Inlet filter/silencer

  • Discharge silencer

  • Pressure/vacuum gauges

  • Pressure/vacuum relief valve

  • Check valve

  • Control panel/motor starter panel

Many additional options and accessories are available including:

  • Ventilated sound/weather enclosures

  • Heat exchangers

  • Vibration isolators

  • Additional instrumentation

  • Additional control valves

Contact us for assistance in determining the proper size and configuration of system that will best meet your needs.  We have many years of experience in designing systems for many different types of applications.

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